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BASALT - Sole Searching 




Daniel Bailey also known as Mr. Bailey in the sneaker world and the founder of CONCEPTKICKS, approached us to create a visual story around his unreleased shoe brand, BASALT. This may include creating a visual brand identity but it could also be a more literal story. The challenge is to bring the brand and/or its products to life and connect it to relevant areas of youth culture, sport, and fashion.


Role: Design, Storyboard, Concept, Branding, Copywriting, Strategy, Art Direction, Animation, Illustration 

Client: Daniel Bailey 

Created: 2021


Basalt goes through different stages in becoming a rock

Humans go through different experiences to find themselves


Create a weird story (in this case animation) about a shoe that questions their identity, and does some soul searching to find itself, to become BASALT.
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