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Don't Judge A Person By Their Mental Health.




There's a lot to discuss around mental health and the stigmas attached to it. Some countries are better than others about having these conversation, however some rarely touch on the issue. I am Cypriot and my home country is guilty of not making mental health more visible. Subsequently natives have little knowledge around how this effects not only the people suffering with it but also their surrounding families and networks.

Its vital to bring awareness to mental health and incourage people to ask questions and speak up about their experiences.

By encouraging a more open conversational approach and having direct interactions will help people to eradicate the huge mental health burden of the Cypriot population.




Role: Design, Concept, Copywriting, Strategy, Art Direction, Animation, Illustration 


Created: 2022



1. More than 80% of people have had a friend or relative who struggled with their mental health and they had a hard time communicating, supporting, and understanding them


2. In Cyprus, there is a lack of education on mental health


3. Research has suggested that Cypriots had less contact with mentally ill people


First Solution 

An animated short showcasing examples of stigma, a small explanation of what the consequences could be, and promoting a 4-week course that will help teens learn more about the stigma and how to break it.
Second Solution
An anonymous space (in this case an app) for people who want to talk about their experiences, and for people who want to learn about mental health and its stigma.
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