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D&AD (Duolingo)



As a part of the New Blood Awards 2022, we were asked to get people back into the daily habit of learning a language and keep them there. We decided to focus on users who have a hard time implementing their language skills in real life with real-life people. We had to create a safe place for the users and combine real-life and online aspects while also keeping it fun.


1. Users are less committed when they don't have someone to practice their language with
2. Although some people are learning languages, many of them feel insecure to speak with others.

Role: Design, Branding, Copywriting, Concept, Strategy

Client: D&AD New Blood Awards 

Created: 2022


A campaign to unite Duolingo learners to have real-life (and online) conversations with other users speaking their target language. A QR sticker campaign will be placed in semi-secretive areas across the UK for them to discover. Once scanned the user is taken to a secret website that hosts events, competitions, and links you to a server with other Duolingo speakers.
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